Taking risks



(Overalls: Zara , Top: Thrift shop, Shoes: Superga)

Taking risk is such a strong move. I know, some people are afraid to take risk. Me myself, I am really afraid to take risk and to go out of my comfort zone. I am so sheltered that I just stick to the norm. I admit that I am afraid to commit mistakes. I know, nobody’s perfect. In my case? My motto: I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!  It took me years to realize that there is no harm in trying. I am learning to accept my mistakes  and learning from it. I have my fair share of why taking risk is a good thing.         

1)We learn from risks — and those lessons may lead us on an important, new path. This is a testimony of mine. I really do learn a lot!! Believe me or not, it works! And it gives the best version of you.

2) You don’t achieve your dreams by playing it safe. If we are willing to put ourselves to take a risk, we will never be able to realize our full  potential.

3) Risk allows you to grow and discover new things about yourself and the world, to develop your strengths and talents.

4)  Risk allows you to conquer your fears.

5) Don’t  under estimate your ability to handle the consequences of risk. Like me, I take risk in taking this photo. haha For the Love of #ootd  #pedestrianphoto

I do see a lot of bloggers posting pictures in a pedestrian lane soooo heres my take! hehehe

Writing this post to inspire you guys to step up! Fear regret more than failure ..

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