15 Lessons I’ve Learned In 27 Years.

Writing this post coz ill be celebrating my birthday this Saturday (May13,2017)! Weee! Yes, a year older again. hehe!  27 years of rocking this place called earth!

First of all, I want to thank the Lord for everything. I thank him for the gift of LIFE. I thank him for giving me the best of both worlds. I thank him for giving me the best family and the best thing that ever happened to me, My son Matthew.

 Let me drop down to you guys the 15 things I learn over 27 years…

  1. I learn to be PATIENT!
  2. I learn to know my priorities. All of us must know our priorities. I must say my priority now is Matthew. Second is my health because I can’t afford to get sick . 
  3. Be responsible with my actions. Knowing the consequence that may happen if you do stupid  things. 
  4. Being Grateful. I know, I’m guilty of this.. I always complain almost everything!! My hair color, my make up , my clothes, my weight etc!!
  5. I learn not to compare myself with others. Hard to do, because at this millennial/social-media  age where most of our peers are travelling the world, making the most of their lives while here we are staying at home changing diapers and doing the choirs. But as what Kryz Uy said, one of my favorite bloggers : what you see online is probably 10% of what really goes on offline. Besides, the grass always seems greener on the other side… until you get there. Very well said kryz!
  6. Embraced my imperfections. Yeah! I really do , that’s the reason why I call myself ” fifi the avatar face” hehe Your uniqeness makes who you are. It makes you, YOU!
  7.  I learn to take risks. If it makes you happy, then go for it! But again, just be responsible with your actions. 
  8. That being said , Don’t blame others! Owning up  your actions. What happens in your life is because of you, and no one else.
  9. Say a little prayer. I do and will always do .. It helps. Knock to him and he always answers you. You don’t need to be super righteous. Your FAITH counts!
  10. Love Yourself. I learned that you really need to love yourself first so you can love others. 
  11. You don’t need to have plenty of friends. You just need REAL friends.
  12. You don’t need to please everybody.
  13. Learn the hard way. There is no shortcut to success guys. It is more rewarding if you really strive hard for it.
  14. Being a MOTHER is not easy. Juggling work and family at the same time.
  15.  Learn from your mistakes. This may be the best learning experience above all! You need to grow by your mistakes. You will only fail to learn if you do not learn from failing.  – Stella Adler

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  1. Finella is one of my good friends. She so nice to be with. Happy birthday in advance Finella Therese! 🙂 we hope you have a great birthday this coming May 13th. God bless you always!

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